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Mark was born in Coffs Harbour and spent his primary school years by the beach, fishing, swimming and writing short stories.


His mother, a public servant and father a builder relocated to chilly Canberra for work where Mark attended a private school with his older sister. Creative by nature and not quite made for a highly academic school, Mark spent much of his time as the class clown or excelling on the rugby field.


Naturally, Mark fell into carpentry after leaving school, serving his creative outlet well where he obtained his high-quality craftsmanship with the guidance of his father. He excelled, starting his own business and becoming a Builder.


To diversify his skills, years later Mark hung up the tool-belt and became a building supervisor and without his creative outlet on the tools, he re-discovered his passion for writing.


The pregnancy of his wife brought about significant value changes for Mark and his family. They upended their lives to move to sunny Brisbane to be closer to extended family, creating a simpler and more present lifestyle. Mark kept up his writing, etching out time in the very early hours and began to transition from building supervisor to writer.


Aside from writing, you'll find Mark with his family on the beach, skateboarding, handcrafting toys and furniture for his daughter, and when the stars align – on his dirt bike.


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