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Book One 

The Jackson Kidd Series


Book One in the Jackson Kidd series

Fires are breaking out all around.


Explosions rip through the air.


On the streets, the living are being torn apart by the gathering horde.


Hell has been unleashed.


Jackson and his wife, Victoria, must flee Canberra after an unknown attack to a remote property in the hills south of Cooma –  The Block – but getting there is not as easy as they had expected.


Along the way they face the unspeakable; witnessing and committing horrors that will leave them changed forever. But this is only the beginning, and when they arrive, they discover they are not the only ones seeking shelter.


In an attempt to rebuild a new life, tough decisions need to be made, and now with more mouths to feed, Jackson must return to where it all began – hell.


Who will step up and lead them through these dark times? And is the infection evolving? Perhaps that’s why she is hunting them.

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Available for Paperback and eBook 


'The author has expertly mixed action and drama but still managed to make the book humorous as well.' Darcy

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'This story took me on an action-packed adventure through the end of the world.' Alicia

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'This book was a heart-stopper from start to finish, every time you think things are about to calm down there is more trouble around the corner.' Rich

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'Fantastic book! A different take on the zombie apocalypse with some surprises.' Kiara

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'I found myself creating time to sit and read it.' Lisa

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'The book grabbed me from the beginning and kept me absorbed to the end, with its taut, exciting and visual action scenes and well-developed characters.' Peter

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