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Book Two 

The Jackson Kidd Series


Book Two in the Jackson Kidd series


After a narrow escape from an attack at their remote property in Australia’s Snowy Mountains, Jackson and Victoria head north, fleeing the Infected and avoiding the brutal winter. The deaths of so many haunt Jackson. Nothing will free him from the memories. Each kill is etched on his brain.


But it’s not the deaths making his blood run cold. It’s something inside. Something is different.


The infection has spread. The Infected are evolving. Life is about to get a whole lot more dangerous for Jackson and Victoria, as they determine friend from foe. They must become ruthless in securing safety. Jackson must seek out the one hunting him or it will never end. There is no more running. Especially from her...


EVOLVING – Book Two in the Jackson Kidd series.

It’s been many months since the horror began and the world is still in chaos.


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Available for Paperback and eBook 

Image by Joel Muniz

'Another nail-biting book. Awesome attention to detail which left me wanting more. ' Amy

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'I loved catching up on old characters, getting to know the new ones and being blind-sided by a few unexpected surprises along the way. This was not an easy book to put down.' Lisa 

'Fast paced and not knowing what is going to happen next. I can't wait for the next one to come out.' Denise 

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'The story spreads its threads, twists and turns, reaching further and further and into new places - just like the zombie virus.' Matt G

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