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Book Three

The Jackson Kidd Series


Book Three in the Jackson Kidd series

Behind the walls of the Complex, Amy feels she and baby Isabelle are finally safe from the hordes of Infected ravaging the world outside. So, when asked to join a scavenging mission, she has no hesitation in leaving Isabelle in the care of new arrival Eden, not realising the virus has already penetrated their safe haven. 

Outside, the Infected have been evolving and adapting into a superior form. When the scavengers encounter these new mutations, they quickly discover how strong, intelligent and ruthless the Infected have become. But it’s not just the new mutations Amy has to confront before she can get back to Isabelle, it’s also a phantom from her past. 


Book Three in the Jackson Kidd series.

Out July 13 2022

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Available for Paperback and eBook 

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