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Fires are breaking out all around, explosions rip the air, on the streets, the living are being torn apart by the Infected – hell has been unleashed.


What do you do? You run – that’s what Jackson Kidd does.


Jackson and his wife, Victoria, flee the chaos and carnage in Canberra, attempting to reach a remote property they hope will provide a safe haven for them and their friends. But getting there is not as easy as they had hoped. Along the way they face the unspeakable; witnessing and committing horrors that will leave them changed forever.


This is only the beginning.

In an attempt to prevail against the Infected, tough decisions must be made. Jackson must return to where it all began – hell.


But the Infected are assembling.  


Are they evolving?


Perhaps that is why she is hunting them…


Surviving is Book 1 in the Jackson Kidd post-apocalyptic series, written by Mark West, taking you on a rollercoaster ride of non-stop, action and adventure in a world full of anguish and despair.


Follow the emotional burden as Jackson and his friends are pushed to their limits as they try anything to outrun the Infected. Lives will be lost and friendships tested to the limit – no one is safe.


Who will SURVIVE?



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