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Writing Jackson

I started writing Jackson around 2017. I would squeeze in hours I didn’t know existed to punch in words at an extremely slow rate. It was my first attempt at writing since school. At first it all started as a bit of fun, but soon Jackson developed into something I was proud of and I took it more seriously.

My wife was the first to read my manuscript, and her feedback was, well… honest and right to the point. Basically, she said re-read it and then tell me what you think (in much kinder words), and boy do I thank her for that. It's funny how you can feel you are writing pure gold and the next day be like, what as I thinking?

Months later, after rebuilding my manuscript, I was ready for my first lot of beta readers. Their responses were mixed, and I received some great constructive criticism – even if I didn’t want to hear it at first (see – How not to write a book, for further details).

I spent the next few months gruellingly rewriting my manuscript, again, until I was finally ready for an editor.

Searching for an editor was not easy. I scoured the internet first before eventually giving up (so overwhelming) and reaching out to other authors for some guidance. After sifting through quotes, I picked Peter from Editing Plus. His professionalism continues to be invaluable, and I’m grateful for finding someone as excited about my manuscript as I am.

For future writers, I suggest picking an editor who both values your work and is honest with you. Thoroughly consider their criticism and approach your manuscript with fresh eyes.

Having my work examined through a magnifying glass was daunting, but then again – very exciting. I keep telling myself, this is just the next step until it comes out, and my words motivate me every day. I truly believe that Jackson will have everyone gripping the pages in suspense, captivating the reader as it transports them into another world.

P.S I have my fingers crossed for a 2020 release.


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