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I was the guy who wanted everything. I wanted the biggest house – so I built the biggest house. I wanted all the toys – so I bought all the toys. I was the guy who would find any excuse to buy the latest gadget because it was 'better.' Who was I? I was the guy who was always searching for more.

I was still searching for that thing just around the corner. I would say, If I get this or when that happens I can be... But it was never enough – I wasn’t satisfied.

That guy is now gone. It didn’t happen overnight – I'm not saying I'm perfect – I'm saying I now enjoy the little things in life and never take anything for granted. What changed? I changed.

After relocating to another state and having my daughter, who was a big turning point in my life, my family minimised and moved from a four-bedroom, three-bathroom home to a two-bedroom apartment less than a 74sqm. Removing all the excess clutter was a challenge and hard to let go, but I found the more I removed the clutter in my life, the freer I became.

It was as if stuff was holding me back and I soon discovered I could appreciate what was in front of me. We ended up selling that big house years later, and now enjoy financial freedom; something that always weighed heavily on our minds.

By living in the moment, I found I was not searching for that thing around the corner. My wanting for more stopped and I’m truly happy.

Stop and appreciate your family. Free yourself of the clutter in your life and enjoy the little and enjoy the little moments as they happen. What are you missing that is right there in front of you?


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